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Why Self Medicated Detox From Alcohol Is A Bad Idea

Potential Death can occur from the “Dangers of a Self-Medicated Detox”

When an individual suddenly decides to stop drinking, deciding yes today is the day I shall quit, and it will be easy because I have decided so. The consequences can be devastating, even DEADLY! Sudden alcohol cessation can cause severe complications of uncontrollable anxiety, severe bilateral tremors, unstable gait, hallucinations, convulsions (delirium tremors, aka; DTs), confusion, rapid heartbeats, heart arrhythmias, cold beaded sweats with fevers.

Anyone with a serious dependency on alcohol should never even consider going “cold turkey” at home and or self-medicate with benzodiazepines & hypnotics to withdraw. Alcohol detox is a two-phase process. The intense first phase occurs over a short period of a few days, and this is the most “Fatal Phase” of detox. One could experience severe complications if not undergoing a medically supervised detox which could prove to be fatal without a professional medical intervention. The second and longer phase of alcohol detox occurs over months, as the brain slowly self regulates and resume a normal healthy functioning capacity. There may be some lingering symptoms during the second phase of alcohol recovery from detox, but these are not life-threatening.

We, at NOVO DETOX specialize in the cutting edge medical management of alcohol and poly-substance abuse withdrawals in our deluxe residence providing 24/7 detox care with experienced and board certified Detox Specialist staff, consisting of nurses, doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists and therapist.

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