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The Power of A Positive Mindset Through Detox

How to Stay Motivated During Your Drug Recovery Process

Those with addiction would feel good after they quit. Of course, realizing this truth can be hard. Nonetheless, those who have put their alcohol addiction or any forms of addiction behind have shared truly inspiring stories on how they remained motivated throughout their journey.

What is Drug Detoxification?

Drug detoxification is defined as the elimination of any substance or drug from the body. While detox is a different experience for everyone, it was stated in an article in Dual Diagnosis that the Washington Circle Group claimed that detoxification is actually a “medical intervention process” which allows the substance abuser to experience proper acute withdrawal.

What is the Detoxification Process?

Detoxification is considered as the first of many steps on the road to recovery. The individual must realize the reality that sooner or later, they will need to give up the effects of the drug and the drug itself.

Nonetheless, it is highly expected that the individual will experience withdrawal symptoms due to their fear of the loss of drug as well as the possibility of undesirable mental, emotional, and physical effects. These withdrawal symptoms would normally occur when the person’s body becomes habituated with the drug over long periods of time, and then, suddenly reducing the dosage or stopping it completely.

It is true that addiction detox is a process – and a long one at that. However, it is important to recognize the fact that an individual who is experiencing drug addiction have sought the help of a professional. There are a variety of substance rehabilitation programs that offer a safe and nurturing environment for addicts who are going through their withdrawals.

Despite this, there are still those that fear substance rehabilitation programs. With this in mind, it is important to prepare for these changes. Individuals need to be able to ready themselves for their journey to recovery as well as have a positive mindset in recovery.

Before this article proceeds to the tips and tricks of having a positive mindset in recovery, here are the five main factors that may influence one’s motivation during an addiction detox according to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration’s Treatment Improvement Protocol No. 35:

  • If the person experiences a high level of stress.
  • If the person undergoes substance abuse evaluation as well as its impacts.
  • If the person is going through one or more critical life events.
  • If the person receives both positive and negative external incentives.
  • If the person recognizes the negative consequences of substance abuse.

It is a fact that before entering the substance rehabilitation facility, most addicts are more than motivated to change. Even during the first few days of their addiction detox, they are still optimistic about how they can overcome their addiction. However, maintaining this optimism is a whole different story.

What are the Tips and Tricks in Staying Motivated during Recovery?

Seeking help from others

Keep in mind that the road to recovery is all about the journey. There will always be bumps. Addicts who are in the middle of their detoxification process would start to lose positivity halfway through – or even earlier. If this is the case, do not forget to seek help.

Maintaining good eating, exercising, and sleeping habits

Routine is one of the main things that are taught at substance rehabilitation facilities. The truth is that once they have allowed their addiction to take over their body, a routine is the first thing to go. As a result, the chances of depression and anxiety are increased. Going back to a routine as well as a set of healthy habits can help alleviate symptoms of both depression and anxiety.

Finding a connection to a higher power

Spirituality is heavily accentuated in most Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) or Narcotics Anonymous (NA) meetings. It can grow, change, and evolve over time. The idea, as well as practice, that addicts should feel connected to a high power can keep them feeling motivated and positive throughout their journey to recovery.

Practicing self-care

While this tip may be underrated, it is essential to always practice self-care. Someone who is going through detoxification should set aside at least 20 to 30 minutes every day to do something they enjoy. They can engage in various recreational activities that will help them find their center and peace. Nonetheless, this is a great way to get away from the busy routines of meetings, responsibilities, relationships, work, and so much more.

Creating a structure

Stemming from the previous point on how hectic routines can be, it is difficult to find peace amongst the chaos that they live in. Creating a structure is similar to setting and sticking to a healthy habit, something that will help them feel grounded. With this, they will not only feel grounded but they will also feel like they have not really lost control of their lives. This is a great practice for those who want to establish a sense of order back into their lives.

Writing in a recovery journal

Writing in a recovery journal is an excellent practice for addicts to help them keep track of their progress. They can see their growth and how far they have come. As a result, they will feel more than motivated to actually finish what they have started.

Saying “Yes” to lists

Lists can go a long way. They can create a “Gratitude List” for what they are truly thankful for each day. Moreover, they can also set goals that they want to accomplish for the day, week, or coming months. Whether short-term or long-term, lists can add to the measurability of their progress.

One thing is for sure, a positive mindset in recovery can easily be maintained if an addict is to remember why they started in the first place. Furthermore, it is also a great reminder that breaking free of addiction is regaining back one’s health and rebuilding broken relationships. A sense of purpose, belongingness, and something to ground them can go a long way. If you need assistance in finding positivity in addiction recovery, contact us today.

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