Novo Detox IV Treatment Method

The NOVO Method provides you or your loved one with a comfortable medical detox in a safe, monitored environment with supervision of nurses around the clock. The use of IV therapy and or medical detoxification medications in detox has proven to be one of the safest, most effective ways to immediately respond to any pain or discomfort associated with withdrawal symptoms. During your stay, you will speak with our Licensed Counselor to discuss and implement what may be most helpful for you or your loved one’s plan for recovery and ongoing sobriety.

IV Therapy Detox Treatment

IV Therapy Detox is a critical piece of our detox treatment because it allows us to increase, decrease, or change medications on a moment’s notice to provide instant comfort. Based on your withdrawal symptoms, we will customize your treatment at any given moment and adjust your medications accordingly as evaluated by the attending addiction physician.

While yoga, QiGong, meditation, massages, acupuncture, herbal formulas and counseling are very helpful, suffering in extreme discomfort through a “cold turkey” detox or lack of 24 hour medical supervision is not only unneeded but in certain cases could become life threatening.