NOVO Detox Grand Opening in Bel Air

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Detox your patients with medically advanced detox methods with NOVO DETOX utilizing board certified 24/7 staff, IV hydration, detox medications, holistic detox nutrition and alternative therapies to support a comfortable and successful detox taking the first step in your patient’s recovery process. Introducing the cutting edge NOVO Detox IV Therapy Treatment Method that offers individualized, medically advanced detox treatment for addictions to alcohol and multiple poly-substances in a private, relaxed, and comfortable boutique style residence in lower Bel Air. The use of IV therapy and or medical detoxification medications in detox has proven to be one of the safest, most effective ways to immediately respond to any pain or discomfort associated with withdrawal symptoms. Our proprietary NOVO Detox Method optimizes a comprehensive treatment plan for long-term sobriety and recovery by implementing a personalized Pharmacogenomic testing, Toxicology testing, History & Physical exam, Psychological and Social Assessment upon admission. detox zen -1All our comprehensive admission tests are conducted by board certified doctors, nurses, psychologists and psychiatrists to create privacy, safety, comfort and support. NOVO’s enhanced Detox Method utilizes your DNA to select the safest and most effective drug and dosages based on how your body will metabolize your medication for a successful withdrawal during your detox treatment. Our Bio-Genetic testing will assist you in maintaining long term sobriety from alcohol or substance abuse.  The process of detox is not complete unless toxins are actually eliminated from your body. This process of taking your toxins from your cells through to its final elimination is called drainage. This is best eliminated with select NOVO herbal and homeopathic remedies to prevent toxic stress to your bio-energetic level, chemical level and tissue level eliminating the phenomenon known as the Toxic Ping-Pong Effect. This is prevented by applying a systematic approach that regulates your detox process by enhancing the regeneration of your filtering organs, especially your lungs, liver, kidneys, GI tract, lymphatics and connective tissues along with nutritional enzymatic support from the damage that you, yourself have created from your addiction.