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Methadone Clinic

Substance use disorder affects many individuals. Most people seek help to remove physical dependence on substances like opioids. There are many approaches used to treat substance use disorder. 

Medically assisted treatment is one of these approaches. Doctors will prescribe various medicines depending on the substance of abuse and the level of use disorder. A lot of people suffer from substance use disorder. There are various approaches to substance use disorder treatment. 

They vary depending on the substance you abuse and your level of consumption. The more addictive substances like opioids, such as heroin, call for medication-assisted treatment. In this treatment, doctors will use medicine to help you detox and minimize the withdrawal symptoms. 

What Is Methadone?

Methadone is a  medical drug prescribed to treat opioid dependence like heroin addiction. The FDA regulates it as a Schedule II substance. It combats opioid dependence in two ways. They include:

  • Methadone blocks the euphoric effects of opioids. This action helps to minimize the chances of relapse once an individual has fully detoxed from opioids.  
  • It reduces opioid withdrawal symptoms such as pain. 

Methadone Is an Opioid Itself

Methadone is an opioid that is used to treat opioid addiction, for example, in heroin detox. Medical professionals prescribe it because it is not as addictive as other opioids like heroin. However, the FDA recognizes it as a Schedule II drug. This means that it can only be used under doctor’s prescriptions. 

Doctors prescribe methadone for opioid dependence treatment for two main reasons. They include:

  • Methadone will block the euphoric effects caused by opioids. This will minimize the chances of relapse for individuals recovering from opioid use disorder. 
  • It reduces opioid withdrawal symptoms. Methadone also relieves pain associated with opioid use disorder. 

Methadone treatment acts against other opioids for long periods of up to 36 hours. However, you should not take it to be a cure for opioid use disorder, but as an approach that will improve your chances in recovery. It is used alongside comprehensive treatment approaches such as cognitive behavioral therapy to improve the chances of long-term sobriety.  

What Is a Methadone Clinic?

A methadone clinic is a facility used to treat individuals with opioid substance use disorder. Examples of commonly abused opioids are prescription pills and heroin. Methadone clinics are also called Opioid Treatment Programs (OTP). 

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How Methadone Clinics Work

Individuals struggling with opioid use disorder can visit a methadone clinic to get help. The clinic will first establish your eligibility before they can prescribe methadone for your substance use disorder. The doctors usually administer the dosage on site. However, in some cases, you can earn the privilege of taking the medicine home. 

The medical professionals need a federal or state license to administer methadone. Nurses and pharmacists can also give out opioids under the supervision of a licensed practitioner. The patients must also participate in a recognized form of counseling while taking opioid treatment.  

Eligibility to Use a Methadone Clinic

You need to meet some specific requirements to receive opioid medication treatment. The basic requirement is a physical dependence on any opioid. Furthermore, you need to be able to have proof of opioid dependence. 

You can proof opioid dependence in the following ways:

  • An arrest record for opioid use or possession.
  • A licensed doctor’s recommendation.
  • Record or opioid addiction treatment.
  • A notarized member from a family member or a clergyman to confirm your dependence. 
  • A letter from a parole officer. 

As a general rule, individuals under 18 years old cannot receive methadone addiction treatment. They will need a parent/guardian written consent or proof of treatment attempts in the past. 

Stages of Methadone Treatment

There are three main treatment stages in a methadone clinic. These stages may vary with the methadone clinic. They include:

1. Consultation and Assessment

Doctors will first consult and assess individuals before they prescribe methadone treatment. An extensive assessment will cover a physical assessment, drug screening, and more. The consultation will help the doctor to prescribe an individualized treatment approach. 

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2. Stabilization

Actual treatment begins in this stage. The doctor will prescribe a dosage between 10 and 30 milligrams for several days and assess the progress. They will increase the dosage if cravings and other withdrawal symptoms persist.  

3. Maintenance

The right dosage has been established in this stage. The treatment and dosage will go on for a few months until the doctors confirm you are safe.  

Benefits of a Methadone Clinic

Individuals who use a methadone clinic will realize the following benefits:

  • It is more convenient and cost-effective as compared to residential treatment. You will be able to continue with your life with minimum interruption in a methadone clinic. 
  • There will be a reduction in cravings to abuse opioids. 
  • Opioid withdrawal symptoms will reduce.
  • Methadone will block the ability to experience the pleasure of abusing opioids. This will promote sobriety.
  • Physical dependence will cease, and your body will resume to normal functioning. 

Get Help at Novo Detox

Novo Detox is a drug & alcohol detox and rehab facility in Los Angeles. Our staff features 10-onsite experts round the clock. The team has over 40 years of experience in detox and rehab for alcohol and drugs. 

We use a comprehensive treatment approach to treat various addictions and help our patients achieve long term sobriety. Our patients can accomplish this through history & physical exam, social & psychological assessment, toxicology testing, and personalized pharmacogenetic testing. 

The services we offer cover detox and treatment of co-occurring disorders to make it more comprehensive. Some of the co-occurring disorders include codependency, depression, anxiety disorder, bipolar disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, and more. 

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The treatment plan we roll out is highly personalized to promote the patient’s comfort, support, comfort, and security. We use a combination of proven detox medicine, cutting edge science, professional expertise, and holistic treatment.

In the case of opioid dependence treatment, we offer both residential treatments and a methadone clinic. You can choose either for yourself or your loved one, depending on your case and convenience. 

Key Takeaway

Anyone is prone to an opioid substance use disorder. This is because they are highly available both as prescription medicine and illegal products like heroin. The effects of opioids will cause physical dependence and strong withdrawal symptoms. 

You can seek help from medical practitioners and facilities. They will analyze your case and, in most cases, prescribe medically assisted treatment. Methadone is the main medication used to treat the opioid disorder. It is an opioid itself, but does not have the same euphoric effects and has low chances of physical dependence. However, the FDA recognizes it as a Schedule II substance. This means that unregulated use can be destructive. 

There are methadone clinics and rehab facilities to offer methadone and other treatments for opioid use disorder. A methadone clinic is a facility that helps offer treatment to individuals with opioid use disorder. You can only get a methadone prescription from a medical practitioner with a state or federal license. 

Individuals cannot rely on methadone alone to treat opioid use disorder. Doctors will prescribe a combination of methadone and some form of counseling, therapy, or other holistic treatments. The combination forms an approach called a comprehensive approach. Methadone treatment will advance through three stages, namely consultation & assessment, stabilization, and maintenance. These stages vary with the methadone clinic. 

In the Los Angeles area, you can get help for opioid dependence at Novo Detox. We are a facility that offers detox and rehab treatment for alcohol and various drugs. You can also get help for co-occurring disorders like depression. Our team of professionals has over 40 years of experience and relies on a comprehensive approach to treatment. Contact us now to get a comprehensive and personalized treatment.

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