Medical Approach

Addiction Medicine Matters

When it comes to getting help for alcohol and drug abuse, “medical detox” services vary widely including:

  • Outpatient detox treatment with repeated visits to a physician
  • Inpatient detox in a sub- acute rehab or sober living facility with an initial meeting and possible follow-up meetings with on-call doctors
  • Inpatient detox in a rehab facility that provides oral detox medications and vitamin supplements
  • Inpatient detox in a psychiatric hospital or mental health clinic
- OR -

The NOVO Detox Method— Inpatient medical detox in a private residential setting which includes:

  • Board-certified physicians and critical care nurses in a private setting.  
  • A customized treatment plan for your comfort and safety in recovery.

The NOVO Method difference is an advanced combination of patient safety, comfort, and support. Every person is different so we strive to create a plan that best suits your specific medical detox needs while respecting your privacy.

NOVO believes a medical detox can and should be delivered in a safe, supportive environment with dignity, and respect.