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Pain Management

For many people struggling with addiction, their addiction began as a way to manage chronic pain. Chronic pain can be the result of an injury, surgery, or illness. In an effort to medicate themselves, people turn to drugs or alcohol. When an addiction develops and the individual seeks treatment, it’s important to find healthy and …

Nutritional Coaching

We understand that the mind, body, and soul connection is a proven prescription for success and growth in treatment. Our private chef provides fresh, balanced meals following a healthy, nutritious, and proper dietary guidelines. Along with that, clients are also educated in the benefits of pursuing a healthy lifestyle. A proper nutrition as well as …

Relapse Prevention

Overcoming addiction is an uphill battle. Getting clean is difficult, but a new challenge begins with maintaining newfound sobriety. Relapse Prevention Therapy plays a major role in helping individuals stay clean and sober in recovery. It places emphasis on coping skills training that enables clients to handle high-risk situations and avoid relapse. Coping strategies are …

Life Coaching

Recovery is an ongoing, life-long process. It takes planning and dedication in order to lead a healthy life in sobriety. Life Coaching services are a form of behavioral support that focuses on providing strength to those in recovery. Professional life coaches work clients through the critical time of early recovery to overcome challenges they may …

Group Therapy

It’s not uncommon for someone suffering from drug or alcohol addiction to feel isolated or alone in their struggles. Group therapy is a form of counseling used to treat psychological disorders including addiction. Many individuals benefit from the peer support that comes with group therapy. In comprehensive treatment programs like Novo Detox, group and individual …

One on One Counseling

Addiction treatment reaches far beyond simple detox alone. Along with group therapy, individual (or interpersonal) therapy is used as an essential tool in treatment. In individual therapy sessions, clients would work one-on-one with a mental health professional to gain self-knowledge, addiction education, and improve their inner strength. A client’s individual therapy sessions will be structured …

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