Salt Water Therapy

Once a week our clients will have the opportunity to participate in a new and innovative therapy, known as salt water therapy. Developed by Jack Newkirk, this type of therapy utilizes guided meditation, visualization, light therapy, water safety instruction, and surfing lessons to help overcome depression and addictions. Born out of Jack’s own success in overcoming addiction, this therapy is meant to give people “the stoke.” In other words, it is designed to excite and stimulate people while connecting them with something bigger than themselves.

The eventual goal of salt water therapy proponents, as stated by the CEO of the International Surf Therapy Organization, is to have health care providers recognize the effectiveness of this therapy and begin prescribing it as a standard form of care. There are several aspects of this type of therapy that lend themselves well to helping people get through addiction detox and drug detox.

When an individual is going through addiction detox or drug detox, we take a comprehensive approach that includes pharmacogenomics testing, psychological and social testing to pin point appropriate therapies while staying with us. Additionally, we acknowledge that tools to ensure a person’s continuing success when they leave our treatment centers are of paramount importance.

Salt Water Therapy for Addiction

With this therapy, our patients are given the chance to experience the calming effects of being in the ocean and to find their inner peace. They build new confidence in themselves as they learn and build on their experiences. They are motivated to make and achieve their goals. We do guided meditation with our clients before they get in the water, allowing them to get into a good mindset where they can focus on being in the moment. Confidence building, goal setting and the ability to focus on the here and now are all necessary skills for recovering addicts.

Finally, recovering from an addiction provides individuals with a second chance at life. Along with this second chance, salt water therapy can provide people with something new to be passionate and excited about. They can take this new-found passion with them after their stay at the center to aid their continuing success, free from addictions. Surfing has the unique ability to not just simply force an individual to be in the moment as they’re out on the water, but it also brings them outside of themselves and helps connect them with the world at large.

It gives people a wholesome and creative outlet and brings them into community with other surfers that share a similar passion. By addressing several psychological and social components of recovery at the same time, this new therapy provides a unique opportunity along the journey to life on the other side of addiction.

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