Nutritional Coaching

The drug detox process is designed to remove the harmful substances from the body to make way for the recovery process. This is a medically supervised process that can take anywhere from three to seven days. Every person is different, and that means creating a drug detox plan that caters to individual needs. Our clients enjoy the comfort of detoxing in a residential-style environment.

Recovery from substance abuse and addiction is a process that lasts for longer or shorter periods of time, depending on its severity and duration. Men and women who come to our addiction detox center have a lot of work to do on themselves when they finally leave us. During their stay at our facility, our clients will be guided and coached on positive behavior patterns that can empower them to continue recovering from their addictions. Our nutritional coaching involves learning as well as practicing healthy eating habits.

Nutrition for Optimum Recovery

At Novo Detox, we are aware of the body’s connection to the mind and spirit. This is why the success rate is so high for our clients. We have a professional chef who prepares healthy, nutritious and delicious meals based on a strict set of dietary guidelines. Our clients will become well informed about the benefits of healthy lifestyle choices.

If healthy meals are prepared in tasty and interesting ways, our clients are more likely to enjoy eating them. Medical research has proven that having a healthy diet can help crucial organs heal. The functions of neurotransmitters in the brain can be improved, which can help reduce cravings.

Substances like heroin, cocaine, alcohol and prescription medications block the absorption of necessary nutrients our clients’ bodies need to function properly. Substances like these might have damaged organs like the liver, stomach lining, intestines and pancreas. These are the organs directly associated with digestion and absorption of vital nutrients.

Most of our clients have often failed to eat properly for significant periods of their lives. A return to proper eating habits, as well as special attention to the healing aspects of it, is part of the nutritional coaching we offer at Novo Detox.

Real Freedom from Chemical Addiction

Our therapeutic services include group sessions, art therapy, assertiveness training and more. Case management services we offer will help our clients remain on their paths to long-term recovery. We want our clients to recover on a mental as well as physical level so they can be the best they can be. Contact Novo Detox today to start the process of recovery for yourself or your loved one.

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