Life Skills Training

In order to succeed in recovery beyond sobriety, it’s vital for individuals to learn life skills in treatment. Life Skills Training prepares individuals to re-enter the world after treatment. Our program teaches clients how to make better life decisions in order to maintain long-term sobriety. After all, success in treatment is not only about becoming sober, but learning how to navigate life in sobriety. 

After leaving a treatment facility, individuals will face real-life barriers in a whole new way. While in an inpatient setting, clients have been removed from the stress, distractions, and contact with the outside world. Now, as they take the next steps forward, they must prepare for the realities of recovery. Life Skills Training programs provide clients with personal, professional, and social skills to become functional members of society. This includes basic tasks such as grocery shopping, proper hygiene, and budgeting. Professional skills include job hunting, problem-solving, and computer skills. Clients will also learn social skills that build self-esteem, manage stress, and regulate emotions.

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