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Existential/Humanistic Therapy

When addiction or mental health issues have plagued a person’s existence for so long, they tend to lose a sense of purpose. Existential or Humanistic Therapy aims to help clients reach their true potential while finding their sense of purpose in their life. This therapy modality is a positive approach to psychotherapy that helps individuals become more comfortable with themselves. 

The basis of Existential/Humanistic Therapy is “a hopeful, constructive view of human beings and the individual’s substantial to be self-determining.” Therapists focus on the present while addressing the client’s history in a way that supports a greater understanding of how these past events contribute to who they are today. In a therapy session, the client and the therapist are seen as equals, with the therapist providing unconditional empathy and positive regard to the client. Through humanistic therapy, clients learn to see themselves and their behavior in a clear light.

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