Breathwork Therapy

At our facility, clients have the opportunity to participate in breathwork therapy once a week. Breathwork is a simple, slow breathing technique that works to quiet the mind and makes it easier for clients to connect to their bodies. Individuals with addiction and co-occurring mental health disorders tend to struggle with processing negative thoughts and emotions in a healthy manner. Breathwork provides clients who are going through addiction detox a chance to slow down, focus, and process tougher emotions such as sadness, shame, grief, and anxiety.

What is It?

Breathwork is a powerful alternative therapy method in combating addiction and mental health issues because it allows suppressed emotions(good and bad) to come to the surface. Acknowledging these emotions help clients have realizations about their unhealthy behaviors. Consciously practicing breathing works to regulate the nervous system and emotions, bringing about self-awareness. It should be conducted under the guidance of a breathwork therapist, particularly while going through drug detox.

Types of Therapy

Many of the types of breathwork therapy styles have very similar foundations. Some examples include holotropic, rebirthing, clarity, biodynamic, integrative, shamanic, vivation, zen, and transformational breathing. Regardless of the particular style, all forms center around inhaling and exhaling. Deep, focused breathing is the goal, and this takes time to achieve. As such, the therapy is most effective when it takes place over a longer period of time. For those going through addiction detox, this is especially important for becoming self-aware.

Depending on the patient, the circumstances, and the type of drug detox, the therapist may incorporate continuous circular breathing, water immersion, and/or sequences of 20 breaths. Being conscious of one’s breathing allows for the development of a sense of wholeness. During any of these processes, a therapist will choose between asking questions aimed at having the patient delve deeper into him/herself and allowing for periods of silence for self-introspection.

History and Take Home

There are many forms of breathwork therapy, each with its own method and style. The idea originates from Eastern therapeutic practices, such as Tai Chi and yoga, and can be performed through various exercises, music, art, bodywork, and combinations of all of these. It can be utilized by individuals, couples, and groups- by anyone whose goal is to achieve greater self-awareness for the purpose of self-healing.

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