Art Therapy

Art Therapy for Addiction

Overcoming addiction is much more than overcoming the physical turmoil that addiction brings. In order to fully heal, it’s crucial to heal the underlying cause of the addiction. Art therapy is utilized in our treatment regimen as a psychological component.

Types of Art Therapy

There are several types of artistic therapy in addiction detox that can be beneficial. Clients can try drawing, sculpting, painting, and even writing. Paper-crafting and other crafts are also included. This therapy, a form of group therapy, is used to help clients rely on their feelings to express things that initially may be too difficult to talk about. It can be particularly helpful during the drug detox phase.

There is also a growing popularity among clients with performance and applied arts. Performance arts, including dancing and acting, can be ideal for clients who are not comfortable with visual arts. Applied arts are often chosen as a means of behavioral therapy and can include cooking and sewing.

Techniques Used

Typically, there are three techniques that can be used in artistic therapies. In active imagination, the art becomes a point to open dialogue. The Gestalt method can be used to discuss what the client is thinking and feeling at the moment of creation. Therapist approaches rely on prompts from the therapist to help the client begin the art piece, but the actual creation is solely up to the client.

Regardless of which technique is used, the goal remains the same. Ultimately, art therapies are designed to help the client learn how to communicate what they are thinking and feeling. This type of therapy can be beneficial to clients of various backgrounds and customized for each individual’s needs.

How It Works

With this type of therapy, the idea is to give clients a means of expression. Drug detox can bring a lot of confusion and influx of emotions as the client tries to reconnect. Underlying psychological issues can make addiction detox an even more confusing time. Art therapies work to help a client with self-respect, introspection, and unaddressed feelings. Through the various art types, this therapy can help a client dig deep to reach fear, traumatic experiences, and negate shame.

Art therapy provides clients with an emotional outlet to express themselves, including the feelings, experiences, and thoughts the clients feel are too painful to articulate into words. Clients are able to use ink, clay, paint, or other materials to address the core issues of addiction. Many of our clients find art therapy a relaxing and enjoyable way to face the complex problems that they face in recovery. As individuals are exploring creativity, they are also expressing feelings and reducing stress.

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