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The NOVO Detox Method is an exclusive and customized method of detox which focuses on each patient with 24/7 monitoring by our medical detox team on every aspect of one’s detox process. Our patients typically stay three to ten days depending on your individual needs and circumstances.,

Medical Detox is your first step to recovery for alcoholism and or drug abuse. The goal of NOVO Detox method is to safely cleanse your body of toxic chemicals, metabolic wastes and inflammation while medically and physically reducing harmful build-up of toxins, withdrawal signs and symptoms. You will be kept comfortable, hydrated and nourished with appropriate medicines, organic foods and detox juices or smoothies customized to your own specific needs in a very comfortable and relaxed setting.

During your stay at NOVO, our Case Manager will assist you in creating a unique plan to fit your individual needs, supporting your long term recovery by implementing an aftercare discharge plan.

NOVO’S clients are male and female adults entering private medical detox treatment for addictions, who may be experiencing but not limited to the following:
  • First time experiencing detox withdrawals from alcohol and or substance abuse
  • Professionals at risk of losing professional licenses
  • Adults at risk of losing family and or employment
  • Chronic pain associated with injury and addiction
  • Insomniacs
  • Dual diagnosis, also known as co-occurring illnesses such as anxiety and or depression
  • Relapse Intervention
  • History of DUI’s
  • History of blackouts from alcoholism
  • PTSD with history of insomnia, anxiety and or addictions

All patients are privately assessed upon admission, receive counseling and assisted in implementing the best detox regimen and discharge plan to support recovery and sobriety all the while maintaining complete confidentiality.

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