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NOVO DETOX Is Open During COVID-19

We are committed to providing quality health care to our clients, staff, and community and will be continuing services consisting of all levels such as Detox, Residential, and Outpatient services. These services include Counseling, Individual Therapy, Group Therapy, Admissions, Medication Management, and Discharge Planning. At our facilities, We already hold ourselves to the highest standard …

Most Common Addictions in the United States

Addiction doesn’t discriminate. Most people think of alcohol and hard drugs when they contemplate addiction, but there are many different types of substance abuse. In fact, there are 10 distinct substance use disorders recognized in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Health Disorders, Fifth Edition. In the United States, nearly one out of every …

Is Marijuana Addictive?

Is marijuana addictive? Regular marijuana users experience withdrawal symptoms when they stop using the drug. They also find it difficult to stop using the drug even when they want to discontinue its use. These two facts alone make marijuana use at least physically addictive. Understanding Marijuana The scientific name for marijuana is cannabis. The primary …

The Dangers of Long-Term Suboxone Use

Suboxone is a drug containing a combination of buprenorphine and naloxone. Buprenorphine is an agonist (partial), that helps mitigate symptoms related to opiate withdrawal during detox. Buprenorphine’s effects can include effects similar to opiates like euphoria or respiratory depression, but they are much milder than methadone or heroin. Suboxone works to block withdrawal symptoms, while …

What to Expect During Detox From Opiates

Opiates are responsible for millions of addictions and thousands of overdoses in the US each year alone. With the rampant popularity of heroin and drugs laced with lethal fentanyl, addressing the opiate crisis has become more vital than ever in the history of the world. Knowing what to expect when you are completing a drug …

The Power of A Positive Mindset Through Detox

How to Stay Motivated During Your Drug Recovery Process Those with addiction would feel good after they quit. Of course, realizing this truth can be hard. Nonetheless, those who have put their alcohol addiction or any forms of addiction behind have shared truly inspiring stories on how they remained motivated throughout their journey. What is …

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