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Category: Addiction Treatment

Best Opioid Detox Treatment in Los Angeles

Research shows that even though addiction rates in L.A. are low, many people overdose on opioids in L.A. than anywhere else in California. About 450 people died due to opioid overdose in L.A. County in 2017. Effective detox treatment for opioid dependence saves lives and reverses the consequences of opioid use disorder. Opioids are drugs …

Generations Of Addiction: Breaking The Cycle Starts With You

Just like cancer and diabetes, addiction is a disease that tends to run in families due to genetic and environmental factors. Having generations of addiction run in the family produces other dysfunction (e.g. abuse, neglect, abandonment, toxic relationships, etc.). Fortunately, genes are not destiny, and learned behaviors can be unlearned. Whether or not their family …

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